Kyron Brandy

Bottling Up Classical Brand Essence

Allied Breweries & Distilleries were launching a premium brandy to challenge the sole category leader. The prospect of bottle design excited us as did the feel of blown glass which would capture the elegance and essence of the Kyron brand. 

With the aim of encouraging brandy consumers to shift from mid segment & leader brands, the bottle needed to convey a strong sense of aspiration & premiumness. In order to penetrate the existing market and establish itself, the product had to be superior & sophisticated. 

After extensive consumer research, which showed favour towards elegance & maturity, a sense of poetry & nostalgia, the form of bottle evolved from historical amphoral shapes. The bottle was visualised with smooth and subtle curves, a long neck and a broad base. Made of glass, it was designed to exult richness & sophistication. We added a tamper-proof hat profile cap to complete the look. The team also worked on design of the product brand, packaging and carton. 

Our team prototyped and engineered the bottle for production in various capacities. The bottle and the brandy have been successful in establishing the brand as a premium drink since its launch.

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