LG Innovation Space (Ananta)

An Out-Of-The-Box Space for Free Thought

LG Electronics, a global progressive consumer durable company wanted to infuse & nurture the culture of “problem solving” amongst its employees. We were asked to help create an environment which would enable their team to think freely and come up with innovative solutions & ideas.

We needed to build a space, which would encourage a free thought process, while adhering to the company’s core values. We suggested the name Ananta, meaning endless, which inspired the visual language based on the infinity symbol.

‘Infinity’ appeared on the floor and ceiling, to illuminate positive associations with Innovation such as ‘limitless possibilities’, ‘unlimited ideas’, ‘boundless energy,' ‘freedom to co-create’ and ultimately provide a nurturing environment for innovation to grow.

We chose to make the seating modular and added mood lighting, completely customisable according to the user’s preferences. To enhance the meditative quality of the space, we built in zones of ”reflection” such as a dark passage that transported the users to a deeper, more meaningful mind space. The internal space, was seemingly made endless using a mirrors and transformed itself from a “Zen” white to “moody creative” space using light combinations. Creative games, casual furniture, projections & screens, boards were all built into the wall space. 

The space proved to be rejuvenating for the LG employees, relaxing them and enhancing their innovation process.

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