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Mayank Banta

Senior Manager, Program Development

An MBA in Marketing from BIMHRD Pune, Mayank has close to 8 years of experience in Program Management. He also has a keen interest in consumer research and believes that a smile on a consumer’s face is the ultimate design approval.

After a successful stint with a design firm in Bangalore, Mayank joined Elephant 6 years back. He specializes in Project Management, Primary & Secondary Research and Consumer Insights. 

At Elephant, he has worked with many leading National and International brands including Nestle, Paper Boat, Godrej Consumer Products Limited, Nivea, TOI’s Bennett University, RPSG’s Too Yumm and Britannia. He is responsible for end-to-end Project Management and over the years has maintained very strong client relationships. He also manages pre-production team that often involves complex scheduling & deliveries. 

He believes that the easiest way to connect with the consumers is through stories. For him, it is most important to find the right story that aligns with the brand vision and help communicate it in a way the intended consumer would connect with instantaneously.

Mayank is an avid reader and can spend hours reading about Medieval History. In his free time, he likes to write short stories and aspires to become a writer someday. 

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