Engaging with organisations

Workshops and need-specific Consultancy Services

  • Engaging with Start Ups to add user centric values so as to increase their chances of success in the big, bad market.
  • Outcome driven engagement with organisations, focusing on creating transformative     offerings (NPD).
  • Engaging with organisations in their journey of creating an innovation driven internal culture to turn big ideas into reality.

Innovation through DESIGN THINKING

Accelerated process of creating innovative offerings using Design Thinking methods.

Problem Reframing

Articulating the right problem is a great place to begin. Empathy based engagement with the user ecosystem helps sharply define the                success factors.

Fresh Ideas

Ideating & selecting never-used-before ideas & build a consensus for action.

Early Feedback

Building various level of prototype to get sharp feedback at early stages of the project and hi-fidelity communication.

User Insights for Success

Create the next level of offerings for rapidly changing user needs & aspirations.

Trend Spotting

Identifying and contextualised articulation of emerging trends.

Cultural insight

Decoding the semiotic clues for deeper understanding of user segments.

Design Research

Conducting ethnographic research to understand the latent needs & wants of the users.

Brand as Experience

To craft new age brands focusing on the uniqueness of experience it delivers

Brand Strategy

Creating a winning strategy for a new brand to be launched or renewing and creating relevance to an existing brand.

Brand Story

A unique brand needs a differentiated expression. A Brand’s story helps in creating a cohesive expression & language to build the right image forthe audience.

Experience Strategy

We create Brand aligned strategies for various user touch points like retail, product, packaging & digital applications to deliver a cohesive brand experience.

Focus on “what” and for “whom”. All else will fall in place.
— Ashwini Deshpande