Milk Chiller

Designing a Milk Chiller Comprising Independent Modules for Deployment at Rural Sites

Promethean Power Systems had come up with a milk chiller package that drew support from a thermal storage battery to rapidly chill fresh milk. The product is built to be deployed in rural areas and nearby dairy collection centres. We were asked to design a unit for the package, with independent modules that could be flexibly deployed. 

This project came with a unique set of challenges. As a milk related product, it needed to be extremely high on hygiene and cleanliness. Along with flexibility of deployment to remote areas, it needed to demonstrate a high level of efficacy. With a segment so cost sensitive, the chiller was required to be affordable and able to retrofit existing systems. 

A modular system was created in stainless steel, with components which could be independently deployed at rural sites. The unique process of rapid chilling was made visible through transparent ports. 

We worked towards increasing the efficiency of the product by adding a hopper with cover and an easy fit cloth filter. A unique feature of the product was a loading stair platform and a pouring cradle for heavy cans, which facilitated easy usability. The thermal storage battery was encased into a compact package that could be retrofitted into existing systems for continuous chilling. 

The product created a new compact entry level format in the milk industry giving accessibility to small community based milk producers to deliver better quality of milk. 

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