Primary and Secondary packaging for RTE meals

When kitchen giant MTR was getting into the Ready to Eat (RTE) market, we were brought on board to create the packaging structure & design. MTR RTE was aimed at young professionals who worked long hours away from home. We needed to merge familiarity with convenience while designing the structure. 

The range sported combos like Dal Makhani & Basmati Rice as well as standalone items like curries & vegetables. We were required to develop the packaging structure for both. Sold as a single serve heat & eat product, the structure had to be handy.

The primary packaging consisted of microwave safe trays, with dedicated compartments for each item. These were proportioned so the combos could be mixed, eliminating the need for an extra container. 

The secondary packaging needed to be functional while standing out on the shelves. While designing the structure, we worked towards making it easy to pack and cost effective. After studying the packaging and opening sequence of the product, we decided on an outer sleeve for the solo pack and a carton box for the combo pack. 

We added a curved structure to the solo pack to differentiate it from its competitors and give it a distinct look. Each pack also included an individually wrapped spoon for ease of use. 

The MTR Taste of Home range of ready to eat products has since launched and created a niche for itself in the RTE space.

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