Packaging for A Global Food Giant’s Entry in The Indian Breakfast Space

If you’ve ever turned to a bowl of instant noodles or a cup of quick coffee, chances are you’ve heard of Nestle. The global food giant has long established its presence in the Indian food and beverage industry. After hugely successful products in the beverage, chocolate, and milk product industries, amongst others, Nestle was entering the breakfast cereal space for the first time. With NesPlus, a range of whole grain cereals, Nestle aimed to cater to a variety of tastes and capture a share of the market. 

NesPlus was specially designed keeping Indian consumers in mind. Catering to a wide pool of Indian consumers who preferred to warm milk over cold, the cereal was made extra crunchy to maintain its texture in both. Along with oats and wheat, traditional Indian millets were incorporated to tailor it to the audience here. We were to highlight these offerings through the packs, while making the cereals appealing for all age groups.

Throughout the formats and variants, a central element resembling a bowl was incorporated on the packs. The top half of the pack was designed to appeal to consumers’ rational mind, emphasising on the nutrient-rich and multigrain aspect of the cereal. Vibrant product photographs were designed to highlight its ingredients. A spoon drew attention to the unique feature of NesPlus, cereal that stayed crunchy even in warm milk. 

We designed the bottom half of the pack to focus on emotional appeal. The pack colours were designed to mirror the flavours, changing according to the variants. Rays surrounded the bowl connoting the morning mood. Our team also created a cartoon character to represent the flavour in each variant, which made it attractive for children.

For the back of pack, the nutritious and delicious features of the cereal. A “Plus” was added to each to denote the extra goodness, taste and choice that NesPlus was offering. A contemporary illustration of a family enjoying breakfast together completed the pack. 

The story-focussed and engaging packaging for NesPlus’ portfolio ensured the packs would stand out on shelves, setting them apart from the competition. The range was designed with a system in place, ensuring flexibility in adaptation for future formats and variants. 

NesPlus was recently launched online and has received a positive response from consumers. The brand is working on releasing more variants in the market soon.

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