Leading media portal exchnge4media interviews Elephant Co-founder Ashwini Deshpande on commencement of 25th year of design practice

e4m: What will the key area of focus of Elephant Design in the next five years??
Ashwini: It is a very interesting time for us as the world is looking at India for frugal design principles and Elephant has demonstrated how to get more for less for more in more way than one; be it product innovation, building an enhanced retail experience or creating new benchmarks in out-of-box through user-friendly packaging design.
The key focus will be to unlock the potential of our experience in India and apply it in places and situations where years of abundance have become a curse in recessionary times.
We already have good presence in Singapore since the last two years and we are looking at very interesting challenges across South East Asia. We will soon have presence in Europe, where our understanding and experience in emerging markets gives us a unique advantage.

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