Nirlep Bhoomi

Resurrecting Product Experience of Traditional Cooking

Nirlep Appliances, a leader in non-stick cookware was looking to broaden their horizons in the kitchen segment. Initial research indicated that there were plenty of appliances for the modern kitchen, but none focussing on traditional cooking & food.

Foodies are super conscious about the way their food looks and is made. Earthen pots are a huge part of traditional slow cooked food, but really cannot sustain repeat cooking cycles. How does one modernise traditional cooking? 

This core thought gave birth to the idea for Nirlep’s range of non-stick cookware, Bhoomi. Taking something that has become redundant, and making it useful, contemporary & cool again was what we tried to achieve with Nirlep Bhoomi. 

The range is designed in stoneware and all internal & external surfaces are coated with food grade teflon. This non stick layer lets clay aroma permeate into the food, and requires much lesser oil than usual (YAY!). Its super easy to clean and reuse. The form is a contemporary interpretation of the traditional “Handi”.

Don’t worry, we haven’t left technology behind, Bhoomi products are entirely microwave safe too, with a knob lid that serves as a spatula holder. The fired clay surface is embellished with Indian calligraphic motifs and packaged in eco-friendly recycled paper boxes. 

Bhoomi was launched in the market with a tremendous response, fusing traditional clay cooking with our modern lifestyle. Bhoomi has been awarded the “India Design Mark”

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