Drinks & Memories

Do you remember how mummy would hand you a cool glass of juice when you came home tired after playing outside on a hot summers day? How you would gulp it down in seconds and rush right back outside…

Paperboat came to us with a range of simple and healthy drinks, which promised familiar tastes, with a side of nostalgic childhood memories. We needed to communicate the brand idea of natural, unadulterated drinks from the past, in a contemporary format for their new range of drinks.

We wanted to make the Paperboat drinks an experience, make them stand out from ordinary drinks, so we decided to go with standee pouches, with a look and feel like paper. Drinking from a pouch gave the feeling of squeezing a fruit straight into your mouth, just like you did as a kid, with mangoes in the summer. The caps of the pouches were boat inspired, unique in their appearance.

In 2012, Paperboat was placed silently across retail outlets in major metros, with no advertising or promotions. The packs disappeared so quickly, the client had to revise their capacity plans!

Since then, they have come up with many more flavours and even a new range of products.

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