A fresh spin on an IT Company

An award-winning global technology company, Persistent Systems and Elephant go back a long way. Persistent team believes in revisiting their brand identity after every decade. Elephant has been the partner of choice for every rebranding exercise over last two decades. In 2010, they came back to us for refreshing the brand image.

The exercise involved internal workshops as well as external stakeholder perspectives to arrive at relevant brand values and vision. It was evident that we needed to create a future-ready image, yet continue to retain visual familiarity. 

With subtle yet significant additions to their existing identity. The blue globe was made deeper and translucent to represent the values of transparency and inclusiveness that the company stands for. A vibrant green was added inside the loop to represent Persistent’s commitment to the sustainable world. 

This branding exercise was followed up with harmonizing and standardizing all online & offline touch points of the brand. Rebranding manage to achieve strong equity for the company globally.

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