Learn, Play & Innovate Platform for New Age Kids

When today’s kids are as smart as they are, their games need to keep up. Enter Plezmo. A play and learn platform, designed to empower kids to bring their innovative ideas to life. Plezmo is a platform of intelligent wireless devices and easy-to-use coding apps designed to enable children to Learn, Play and Innovate using technology. 

Starting with a proof of concept, we were roped in to design a platform of modules and accessories that would lend itself to a range of intelligent, wireless devices for IOT based toys. By providing children with the tools to craft their own smart creations, Plezmo would empower kids to learn, imagine and play using their minds and hands.

Watching children play, we worked on designing the elements for Plezmo, which were intelligent, secure and child-safe. In-order to be compatible with children’s play habits; the blocks were made small, lightweight and wireless, with a long battery life. Each Plezmo element performs a distinct input or output function such as sound, sensing movement, gestures, proximity, displays colour and activates lights, allowing control through buttons and knobs. 

To create a more engaging experience, we worked on creating Story Kits to accompany the Plezmo elements. These were designed to provide ideas for projects designed with the elements, and needed to be simple to assemble and use. These would be made interactive by placing elements into them, coded to perform particular functions. These would be cut out and assembled with only basic folding and simple rubber bands, to form 3D models. 

Our team worked on various themes to include in the Story Kits, ranging from art and music to science and robotics, illustrating the applications of coding in real life situations. These include kits to create a barcode scanner, music box and magic wand, among others. The physical shapes formed with the kits help bring the elements to life. These serve as a stepping stone to understand the usage of Plezmo elements and build a foundation, enabling children to independently create advanced projects.

Plezmo avoids heavy electronics, circuits or boring programming language to be mastered. Kids learn to understand use of sensors as well as planning and reasoning. An easy drag-and-drop visual interface in the Plezmo application enables kids to code the logic and connect Plezmo elements to it. The app also provides tutorials for each of the Story Kits, where kids are taken through the step by step process which starts with assembly and ends with testing the code.

Plezmo is currently being deployed to be played by children in schools and will soon be available for sale in the retail market.