Plezmo Website Design

Refreshing the Digital Presence for IoT based Start-up

Plezmo is a platform of intelligent wireless devices. Its easy-to-use coding apps are designed to enable children to Learn, Play and Innovate. The Plezmo website was in need of a fresh look and updated functionality. The static, single page website had to be made dynamic and address the needs of different users. 

While working on improving the user friendliness, we redefined the website’s information architecture and created better sectioning to make it easier to navigate. We added individual sections for each aspect, detailing the working of the product and its uses for different stakeholders. 

We worked on a clean and minimal, yet impactful layout for the website. We decided to go with a white background, expanding the colour palette to five colours. The visual language was developed to stay in sync with the Plezmo ecosystem. Derivations of the element were added throughout the website, drawing focus to the main product offering. Illustrations were incorporated into energetic photographs, showing the elements actually in use. We crafted a casual overall look, staying away from a formal feel, making the website contemporary and approachable for kids, parents & educators. 

We integrated a virtual simulator into the site to try out the Plezmo application before purchasing. This enabled users to put together ideas with virtual Plezmo elements, simulating their working on a screen. We also added project tutorials as a starting point for children just learning to code, as well as for those looking to enhance their abilities. Through the website, we facilitated an online community for Plezmo users to upload and share their own creations. Our team also worked on designing avatars for children, loading animations, and required assets for the website. 

With the new Plezmo website, findability of information was made simple. The new dynamic and interactive site enabled visitors to better connect with the brand and return as a part of the Plezmo family.

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