Tata Q

Creating Stand Out Packs for Ready-To-Eat Meals

With the world at our fingertips, waiting has become a thing of the past. Then why shouldn’t it extend to food as well? A heat-and-eat range of products launched by the Tata group, Tata Q aimed to make delicious food available at a minute’s notice. 

The meal was packaged in a tray which could be heated directly and eaten out of without any additional utensils. While designing the outer carton for Tata Q’s range of products, our main challenge was to make it stand out in the ready-to-eat market. 

Along with creating a strong shelf presence, the design needed to have functionality. Owing to the cost sensitivity of the market, the carton would need to be flat-packed for transportation and easy to assemble. 

Our team studied products from the client’s competitors to establish a benchmark for the secondary packaging. We designed and created various concepts before zeroing in on the ones which would incorporate the most functionality in the carton. The unique irregular hexagonal shape created a distinct floating profile on the shape.

Paired with the striking packaging we designed for them, the product did a good job of breaking away from the clutter in the market. Currently launched only in Pune, Tata Q is doing well and is scheduled for a nationwide release. 

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