Ruby Mills

Rebranding A Textile Business with A Century of Legacy!

Incorporated in the year 1917 (a hundred years ago!) as a composite textile mill, Ruby Mills continues to grow its operations in manufacturing of cotton and blended fabrics. With a track record of innovation and progressive business practices, Ruby Mills wanted to enter the next century with a clear brand positioning, well defined values and a refreshed visual identity. 

Ruby Mills teamed with Elephant, one of India’s leading brand strategy and design firms to showcase its transformation with a new brand identity system. 

Inputs from stakeholders, top management and business associates led the Elephant team to reiterate & articulate values for the company. 

Ruby already had a visual equity in the market. We wanted to reaffirm this legacy in a contemporary manner, keeping visual language flexible enough for online & offline media and product representation.  

We drew inspiration from the brand’s core values of innovation, sustainability, ethical & responsible manufacturing and excellence in quality to build an ownable palette of icons for various communication needs. This way, we intend to convey innovation and expertise of the brand and make it easier to adapt sub-brands and other business verticals.

The brand name connoted preciousness and gave us a solid foundation to work with. Using the structure of a Ruby, we designed a dynamic and vibrant logo, which was rooted in the brand’s tradition with a contemporary flair. The red heart in the logo denotes passion, one of the brand’s core principles. We added an accent colour to show the brand’s evolving and multifaceted nature. We retained ‘Ruby’ in the brand mark & did away with the representation of the entire company name “The Ruby Mills Ltd” in the visual identity. The new typeface for the logo was made in uppercase, with an amalgamation of smooth and sharp edges. 

The variation of colours in the logo gave us a colour palette to work with while designing the visual language. We created a library of graphics and visuals, which could be entirely customised according to the brand’s requirements. This made Ruby adaptable and gave them flexibility to foray into newer areas and ventures in the future. 

The new logo and visual language was launched in a trade show, where it received phenomenal response from existing trade associates as well as potential ones. The new identity was found completely aligned to the Ruby legacy and its progressive future. The Ruby team is in the process of implementing the newly designed language throughout their portfolio and intends to complete it in 2018.