Affordable Small Car for India

User Research based low cost New Product Development strategy

Automotive MNC looking for creating user centric passenger car, by understanding expectations valued by people in India.

Our strategy team carried out a planned India user research and looked for insights about use and ownership of a car. Often the low cost cars in the Indian market are stripped down, value engineered versions of existing car models. This time, the design team looked for clues from people for a differentiated and India centric solution.

We carried out an exhaustive study in urban, semi-urban, geographical locations across the country to develop a deep understanding of the user needs, aspiration and context.

User research focused around mobility needs, safety and perceived value of probable solutions. Outcome is a design solution strategy based on deep consumer understanding, leading to New Product Development and its subsequent launch in Indian market. This design strategy study has become key reference document for all Indian centric products.

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