Dr. Reddy Memorial

Paying Tribute to Dr. K. Anji Reddy

When a man is an institution, how does one pay tribute to him?

Dr. Reddy had a vision to make bulk drugs available & affordable to common people. Through the course of his incredible life, he managed to achieve what others only dream of. We created a spatial experience to inspire, motivate & inform visitors about his vision. Located in Hyderabad, this memorial pays tribute to Dr. Reddy’s life’s work. 

Our challenge was to build a layer of tangible experiences over the architect’s cognitive approach. The visitor’s journey unfolds over layers within the memorial space, with touch points woven, beginning with the Inspiration layer. Here, we presented a curated collection of Dr. Reddy’s favourite quotes chiselled in honed finished granite. 

The intermediate Entrepreneurial layer unravels within six pavilions, illustrating his early beginnings with key milestones. The journey culminates at the Reflection layer, providing the visitor the opportunity to introspect on the philanthropic vision of Dr. Reddy.

A mindful selection of elements, materials and symbols to complement and enhance the communication of the space, the memorial provides the visitor with an intense, immersive experience of Dr. Reddy’s vision.

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