Suzlon One Earth

Designing A Campus Experience for Suzlon

As a company that offers end-to-end solutions in wind & solar energy, Suzlon needed to develop a culture to keep their employees motivated to give off their best. We were brought in to build in the sustainability soul within the campus & workspaces and create a memorable experience for employees and visitors. The holistic design exercise included way finding, signage, murals, artifacts, art, environment graphics and interactive installations to give the campus a unique and deserving identity.

A proprietary “Psycho Experience” tool was leveraged to map journeys, spaces, messaging and experiences at strategic venues across the campus to communicate carefully designed expressions to different users, and to establish memory points to leave a lasting impression.

The nomenclature for the main buildings has been derived from the ‘One Earth’ theme - that we have only one Earth that needs to be preserved for a sustainable future. It represents the five renewable elements of nature: Sun, Aqua (water), Tree (wind + wood), Sky (space + sky) and Terminus (terra or Earth).

Leitmotifs based on the brand’s core values relating to knowledge, people, wind and technology were conceived and briefed to artists and sculptors from across the country. Our team played out these themes through selection of innovative, environment-friendly materials like terracotta, fabric, glass and steel. All commissioned artisans crafted an exceptional, one-of-a-kind visual language through their artistic interpretations. 

The entire campus experience was documented and presented as a coffee table book and a series of publications. This campus experience received the CII Design Excellence award.

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