Symphony Diamond

Creating Cost Efficient & Contemporary Air Cooling Solutions

We have a long design history with Symphony, the No.1 brand in the air cooling industry. Having worked on most of their current selection of coolers, we were commissioned to revamp a low end range that had been in production since the inception.

Symphony wanted to redesign this old cooler range to give it a contemporary look, without compromising on price efficiency and performance. And so, the Diamond range was born. It was created to compete with desert coolers and was targeted towards middle income groups. 

Working with some manufacturing changes which were being introduced, we set out to design a range which would be modern looking, adaptable and more efficient. The new look would incorporate noticeable changes while being user friendly and easy to assemble with low number of parts and joints. 

The coolers are designed to be visually bigger and robust, with a circular outlet that has diamond-like edges. This element was translated onto other aspects of the coolers, lending them an elegant profile & identity. The control panel developed for this range was applied as a common element to Symphony’s other ranges of air coolers. 

Since its launch, the Diamond range has done well for the Symphony, easing assembly, bringing down manufacturing costs and eliciting a great response from its customers base.