Symphony Silver i

Smart, Compact and Global air delivery

Symphony wanted to create a next gen global product with contemporary offerings to face the humungous competition in the personal air cooler segment. And they wanted our help designing a product that would have superior cooling efficiency with much lesser noise. Every product in this market does a great job of cooling the air, so what could be done to take it to the next level? 

A series of intense ideation workshops with design, marketing and production teams, culminated in some cool ideas. Multiple prototypes were built to test the quality of air delivery & manufacturing excellence in the quality of design.

Now, Silver I is designed as a smart, cute & compact air cooler with several features for healthy, clean and cool air. The product has a distinct appearance sporting a smart semi touch membrane control panel and an easy to grab handle at the top. Dust and odour removal is in built to provide clean and healthy air quality. An electronic humidity control feature provides control over the air quality & cooling. The water tank is fully removable for cleaning. The product is compact in size and can be easily rolled on castor wheels.

In the world of air coolers, Silver I has become a game changer in terms of value features & quality of product build. Silver I has been awarded the “India Design Mark”.

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