Symphony Touch

Designing Pioneering Formats in A Competitive Segment

Catering to the infamously unbearable Indian summers, hundreds of cooling options have been developed over the years. We were brought onboard to design a new range of coolers for Symphony, which promised to revolutionise the air cooling industry.

These coolers would be easy to maintain and operate, while saving precious floor space. We developed a flat cooler format, which reduced the profile of the space it occupied. With a shallow depth, they could be stored easily against the wall when not in use. In a first of its kind feature, the cooling pads were designed to be removed at home by the users, simplifying the existing process. The sliding celdek pads had built-in handles, making for quick and non-fussy maintenance, while adding to the look of the cooler.

Incorporating four-sided cooling, sizeable water capacity and more power, these coolers were developed for use in larger areas. Our design team worked to integrate a touch control panel with audible feedback, which inspired the name of the range. This element added a layer of sophistication & premiumness to the coolers.

This combination of features offered by the Touch range of air coolers has made Symphony a pioneer in the industry and helped create a new segment. Touch range was pre booked before launch and broke all prior numerical records. This cool Touch is a hot success from Symphony, all a function of Good Design at work.