Patient friendly Wearable Stroke Rehabilitation Platform

Venturing into a domain that not many had undertaken before, we were asked to design awearable device for stroke patients to gradually regain their mind and body coordination. Stroke patients present an acute challenge. Patients are emotionally as well as physically under stress and this needs careful study & management of patient and therapy needs. Building a wearable device presents its own challenges especially since not much anthropometric data exists across Asian population especially, children and senior citizens.

This product system to be developed had to be wearable, modular, flexible & accurate. The device needed to be minimalistic, comfortable to wear & use and aligned to the graphic user interface applications. It also needed to adapt to various body sizes. After extensive research & multiple prototypes, SynPhNe now has some kickass features for the benefit of stroke patients. The wearable SynPhNe device reads electrical activity in the brain, heart & musculature and makes us aware of activities occurring inside our bodies. These signals can communicated, understood, analysed, monitored and possibly predict pathways to recovery & well-being using a system of headgear, armgear & GU interfaces. 

SynPhNe is now used as a powerful training platform for people to self-manage their responses & rehabilitation that has undergone extensive tests in India, Singapore and the US.

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