SynPhNe Xpert

Rehabilitation Tool for Stroke Patients

Disability caused due to Brain stroke or an injury leaves a person in a traumatic condition. Recovery from stroke is a painstakingly long process without any assurance about extent of recovery.

SynPhNe is the world’s first connected, wireless wearable solution that trains brain and muscle as ONE system. It helps improve functional independence to persons with disability after stroke or injury, or due to ageing.

We designed an application that enables patients to set up the device quickly without prior training of the software. Bold, simple style of interface, icons and other touch points makes the interactions easy for cognition and use.

Gamification of training exercises engages and encourages the users to undergo the training regularly. Patient reports in form of infographics make it easy to understand. 

The app is also used by the therapist for customizing training programmes for patients. Efficient workflows for therapists’ use, increase efficiency in handling of patients.

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