Tata CLiQ

Bringing India’s first omnichannel to life

Online shopping has become a way of life, over the past year or so. But in 2015, it was still a relatively new concept, which people couldn’t bring themselves to trust. Tata CLiQ approached us, wanting to build the trust of online shoppers and reimagine the engagement. 

We had to come up with ways to unlock value across devices and platforms, and deliver a simplified experience to the customer, who was apprehensive about shopping online. 

Our task included naming. Click and Clique were put together to form CLiQ, a name that says curated shopping just takes a click. We turned the ‘Q’ in the name into a magnifying glass, a search icon, a visual representation of the brand’s focus on curating only the best. Discovery and playfulness became the undertone of all branding elements, creating excitement just like that of browsing through brick and mortar stores! 

In a world of e-commerce, Tata CLiQ offers an exclusive shopping experience that integrates online and offline presence. 

The visual language was carried forward into stores, creating a seamless experience. Our team also designed an online magazine for the brand, called Que. 

Since launch Tata CLiQ has grown into other facets such as bridge to luxury offerings and is witnessing a steady growth.

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