Tata Sampann

Transforming Mainstream Indian Foods into Superfoods Through Impactful Packaging

How many times have you had someone tell you to stop eating a particular food to be healthier?  Steering away from regular diets towards supposedly healthier alternatives seems to be the current trend. But what if we could ensure a nutrient-rich diet without compromising on the homely food we love so much? Tata Sampann’s new range of products aimed to do that. With the belief that real health and fitness comes from enriching the nutrient value of everyday food, it was transforming them into superfoods! 

We worked with the client to design a new visual identity for the brand and packing for their entire product portfolio. All of the elements would revolve around highlighting the goodness of the products and their nutrient-rich qualities. 

The new logo for Tata Sampann was designed to look like a Handi, an earthen pot used to cook traditional dishes. It signified the Indianness of the products, while the leaves on top represented their fresh and wholesome nature. The brand colour was kept intact, with subtle changes to the typeface to add a contemporary touch and match their new offerings. 

For the packaging, we worked on creating a single ownable unit in the form of a circle. This would be present on all the variants depicting the product inside, incorporating the extra element of added nutrition. This also signified the completeness and wholesomeness of the product as a part of a diet. Apart from the green of the logo, a green patch was added to lay emphasis on the brand principles of maximum nutrition and minimal processing. These elements tied together the entire range of products from the Tata Sampann family. A farmland motif was added to the packs to show the freshness and excellent quality or sourced ingredients. 

The new packaging had a modern look and feel to it, while staying true to the traditional values of Indian cooking. Currently, Tata Sampann has launched the revamped packs for a part of its range while others are under works.

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