Top Secret

Entering a kid’s forbidden world

We suggested the name Top Secret for a brand that recognised the mischievous side of children. We decided to bring this concept to life through secret diaries hidden from parents and folded notes passed around in class. It seemed like the best fit for a range of kid friendly drinks made especially for tweens.

Since no drinks brand in the Indian market spoke directly to kids we decided to create a visual language that would associate with their world. 

Top Secret resonates with them and speaks to kids directly without sounding preachy. The drinks were packaged in an ergonomic yet intriguing standee pouch that would be easily spotted on the shelf. 

With two kinds of drinks, jelly and milk based, we went with two different themes. Both were inspired by the doodles which filled everyone’s school experience. The milk based drinks were treated in a white ruled page style with doodles & scribbles, while Jelly based drinks used a blackboard background, with hand drawn doodles in chalk.

With Top Secret Drinks, kids could relate to a product which did not talk about winning always, but spoke to them as a brand that understood them and their world.

The drinks were launched through McDonalds Happy Meals and were received with great excitement not only by the kids by also their folks.

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