Bringing intimate hygiene in focus

With personal hygiene gaining more awareness over the recent years, it became imperative to reintroduce intimate hygiene products and make them resonate with their audience. V Wash from the Glenmark portfolio needed an upheaval to be more relevant and engaging with today’s women. 

An Over The Counter (OTC) product, many women saw it as a doctor prescribed treatment, only to be used when there was a problem. We were asked to package the product in a way which would absorb V Wash into the daily grooming routine of the woman and increase her awarness about its benefits. 

We interacted with potential users, women who were able to make their own grooming choices based on their needs. The central idea of these interactions was to understand their sense of comfort, apprehension and understanding.

To demistify the benefits of intimate hygiene we created a unique infographic of a pH meter. This drove home the point of the need of such a product in the consumers’ daily hygiene kit. The use of vibrant pink and silver together created an expert and new age appeal. 

Our team created ideas that explored colour, form, communication & materials. The design of new bottle dispenser is asymmetrical yet smooth. It is intuitive the way it is held and aligned for use. The form is focused towards a woman of elegance standing tall and with poise. The bottle cap is like a crown quickly moving the product from a curative to a personal grooming category. 

V Wash now fits snug into a woman’s bathroom, right along with her sleek bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Since the launch of the new avatar of V Wash, its sales have shot up and a whole new convenient range of formats have been introduced. Women are now more confident & aware about the value this product brings to their wellbeing. 

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