Cairn Experience Centre

Experiencing the Cairn Culture

One of the largest private oil and gas exploration and production companies operating in India, as part of the Vedanta Group, Cairn Energy PLC desired to communicate its exploration & growth story. As a part of the new workspace at Cairn India, an Experience Centre was visualized where visitors and new recruits could learn about the organization through engaging & interactive installations.

The experience center space plays between a partially enclosed zone and an open visitors lobby. An interactive wall installation provides updates on the group, portfolio, core elements, making a visitor curious & engage with the installations. 

The experience unfold within the partially enclosed zone, revealing tangible assets & exhibits with an interplay of visual imagery & lighting. Interactive tablets are available along with horizontal screens layout for the visitor to browse & explore the Vedanta Group work. Two of the main elements of the experience center are the life size drill bit, along with the layers of drilling and the mannequin wearing safety gear, explaining work safety protocol at Cairn India.

Interactive & glowing 3D cubes at a touch, start videos explaining the exploration & extraction processes. The exhibit area ends with a zone dedicated to the various CSR activities undertaken, fittingly named “Touching Lives”.

The experience center opens out into a compact café zone.

Since the launch of the Experience Centre, we’ve been told that visitors, as well as new employees & aspiring candidates have shown keener interested in learning the rich history and the effort behind the exploration giant that is Cairn India.

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