CEAT Factory Signages

Designing a plant way finding system in an extreme weather prone area

With the CEAT Tyres’ retail project being well received, we were asked to design the signages for CEAT’s factory in Halol, Gujarat. 

A State of the art facility, almost completely automated for efficiency, the signages needed to exemplify its modernity. Its efficiency and vibrancy was a strong value that needed to be communicated. 

We decided to use the brand colours of blue and orange for an instant connect for the bold signages. The signs were made to look premium and efficient, capturing the essence of the brand. Each type of signage was tailor-made to suit individual requirements. 

Way finding and directional signs were set up all around the facility, with road markers on the highway for easy location of the factory. 

We were also involved in designing and detailing the installation of a large CEAT logo on the factory building. This particular signage posed immense difficulty owing to its awkward size and placement on the unfavourable factory construction. The extreme weather conditions in the area did not help. 

After various trials and numerous solutions, all the signages were installed in the facility and lent it an organised and sophisticated demeanour.

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