Dr Reddy’s Campus - Signages

Creating a brand oriented signage system, designed to influence workforce behaviour

Dr Reddy’s Bachupally campus in Hyderabad is their biggest one. As an established brand with an extensive workforce, it was important for them to have a common language which the employees as well as visitors could connect with. 

We were called in to design signages to tie in the brand language at the campus and create a system which would bring about a positive behavioural change in their employees. 

There was no uniformity in terms of shape, texture, design or message so we started off by creating a content system for them. We started off by creating a nomenclature for the facilities, for clearer understanding. In keeping with the brand’s image, the signages had to be minimal yet impactful, while meeting the needs of the campus.

The brand’s purple colour formed a strong part of its identity, so we decided to use it as much as possible. After location visits and extensive research on on-campus behaviour, we decided on a standard for each kind of sign, following the same system to tie them together. 

Functional signs had different structures, but followed the same language and colour codes, to add uniformity and easy recognition. Position markers were made tall, for easier visibility. Restricted areas were denoted using yellow, black and red. Instructional signs were designed to facilitate good behaviour amongst the employees. 

Each signage was carefully thought out, and the new system ended up drastically decluttering the campus. They were structured with a permanent frame and changeable banners, to reduce costs.

The new signages are in the process of being implemented at Dr Reddy’s in Bachupally.

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