Maker Maxity Signages

Impactful signages for a Maximum City - Maker Maxity BKC, Mumbai

In the suburbs of Mumbai, Bandra is now an upscale area boasting of global chains of hotels and industries. Home to the Who’s Who of the city, it also houses Maker Maxity, a mega project combining commercial and corporate offerings. 

When the project begun, more than a decade ago, this was a new concept, even for a metro like Mumbai. Redeveloped from a large, empty plot of land with a drive-in theatre, it was completely revamped. We were called in to help design signages for this project, an ambitious and modern venture. 

To go with its larger than life aura, we wanted to draw attention to the unique usage of space, which wasn’t usually seen in corporate spaces. Each area was assigned a set of values, around which the signages were designed. 

Earn, Work, Grow were associated with the office towers, while the shopping complex was assigned Play, Shop, Spend. The Boulevard walkways between spaces exulted warmth and fun, with the values Relax, Recharge, Play. 

The signages were treated like an installation in themselves and were designed to make a strong impact at first impression. The family of signages were well received and have been implemented with the construction of new spaces in Maker Maxity.

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