Britannia Chunkies

Introducing the cookie experience in Indian Markets

Britannia decided to introduce the western concept of a cookie into Indian markets and we were asked to disrupt the existing image of cookies by way of packaging.

Chunkies was nothing like the regular factory made cookies that the Indian consumer was exposed to thus far. With a hand crafted and rustic feel to them, yet Chunkies boasted of international quality. It was almost like Chunkies have been made in a local western bakery. 

Hence the concept for packaging was inspired by chalkboard menus. This lent a very non-manufactured and humane appeal to the product. The background for the pack was given a deep brown color instead of the chalkboard black to draw immediate association with chocolate. Elements that came along with this concept like scribbles and doodles completed the overall      look & feel. 

Britannia Chunkies were first launched via e-commerce platforms and did phenomenally well. These new age cookies have been extremely well received, with boosted sales!

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