Praj Corporate Office

Bringing brand experience into an office space

PRAJ Industries expanded into a bigger office space to keep up with their company growth. We were asked to re-design their brand identity and their new campus.

We were involved in designing external and internal branding elements, signage & experiential spaces for the company.

Seven flags in different colours were used to depict the different values of the company. We categorised the seven storied building according to colours and values for each story, each with a different design. To keep with the beliefs of PRAJ, we decided to name the meeting rooms & cabins in the campus after mythological characters.

Our aim was to instill the company culture in the employees, and showcase it to the visitors. An installation was designed for the atrium of the building, which forms the PRAJ logo when looked at from a particular angle. The most visited place in the campus, the cafeteria, had huge plates installed with inspirational quotes for the employees to reflect upon.

An experience center was carved out for the employees & visitors, which showcases and puts forth the company culture & beliefs in an interactive manner. Since it’s completion in 2014, PRAJ has reported higher employee satisfaction and visitor interest in the campus.

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