Dr. Reddy Memorial

Paying Tribute to Dr. K. Anji Reddy

When a man is an institution, how does one pay tribute to him? 

Dr. Reddy had a vision, to make bulk drugs available & affordable to common people. Through the course of his incredible life, he managed to achieve what others only dream of. We gave our best to create a space, an experience, which would inspire people while educating them about his vision and live up to his greatness.

Located in Hyderabad, this memorial space pays tribute to the life, work & story of Dr. Reddy.

Our challenge was one of building a layer of tangible experience in the memorial over the architect’s cognitive approach toward the design of the space.

The journey unfolds over layers in the structure, with touch points created & woven keeping visitor journey in mind. Beginning with the inspiration layer, we showcased the strength of character of Dr. Reddy, with inspiring quotes chiseled in stone. Next layer, the entrepreneurial one, unfolds inside six pavilions, unraveling the story of Dr. Reddy from the beginning of his life and key milestones. The journey ends at the reflection layer, providing the visitor a space to reflect upon the philanthropic vision of Dr. Reddy.

Choosing structures and fonts to complement and enhance the offerings of the space, we tried to provide the visitor with an experience as close to Dr. Reddy’s character as possible. Since the inauguration, it has seen a constant stream of visitors, eager to learn about his life.

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