Suzlon One Earth

Designing a campus experience for Suzlon

A company that designs wind energy turbine solutions, Suzlon; needed to develop a company culture to keep their employees motivated to do their best. We were brought in to build in the sustainability soul within workspaces in the company and create an experience for the employees & visitors. The strategic design exercise included touch point creation, way finding, signage, exhibition, murals, artifacts, art, interactive installations to give the campus a unique & deserving identity.

Revolving around energy, we drew from the brand’s basic values and molded the visual language around basic elements of energy.

A proprietary tool “psycho experience” was used to map spaces, messaging & experiences and helped in delivering desired experiences at various touch points. Apart from the main buildings & connecting cores, we changed the feel & experience of the basement, considering it is a prime entrance for employees.

Our team chose environment friendly materials for all applications and installations. The innovative use of materials like terracotta, fabric, and steel give the visitors and employees a unique experience, while sticking to the company’s core values.

The campus communicates carefully designed expressions to different users, depending upon whether they are employees, associates or dignitaries.

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