Elephant Refreshes Lacto Calamine

Lacto Calamine, by Piramal Healthcare, has a 25-year history and equity as a trusted skincare solution. With rebranding exercise done in 2009 (also by Elephant), it had expanded into two skincare categories with solutions for different skin types from being just one moisturizer product brand. While Lacto Calamine had established credence with the woman who equated beauty with simplicity, it was time to ladder up to a larger and aspirational space. It was time to connect with a “self-assured” woman who makes informed decisions. Speaking about the exercise, Supratik Sengupta, GM Marketing Innovations – Piramal Healthcare Consumer Products said “Elephant has brilliantly amalgamated three key elements; the brand legacy, the present brand core & the future roadmap, while creating the design identity of the entire Lacto Calamine range architecture. It is always very comforting to work with such creative partner who can imbibe the strategic aspect in the creative rendition”