Monday Morning Meeting - Mayank Banta talks about Unsung Heroes

This monday morning meeting was in honor of the unsung heroes - The Fishermens who helped the flood victims.
Mayank Banta took us through the history of minting coins and symbolic events where the reverse side were dedicated to them.
#coinminting #tribute #honoringthehereos #elephantdesign

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Asian Paints Colour SCHEME Pro - Mobile app design by Elephant Design

Presenting the Asian Paints #ColourSchemePRO: the app that helps you select colours like a PRO! The task was to make the app user-centric, intuitive & delightful to use. But we didn't stop at that. We improved accessibility, added features and enhanced colour accuracy.

Monday Morning Meeting - Gauri & Priyanka conducts session about Caricatures

Embrace yourself !
Todays Monday Morning session introduced us to the world of Caricatures and the role caricatures play towards depicting personas by Gouri Vasant Kamat Priyanka Karyekar