Design Awareness - Ashwini Deshpande talks about role of a designer while designing for the future

Monday Morning Meeting - Pradyumna Pandit talks about importance of Rules & Guidelines in our life

Life without Rules !
Guidelines and set rules are essential for a successful and progressive work life.
This Monday morning Pradyumna Pandit reflected on how our Professional work would be affected, if there were no set rules or guidelines to follow, along with an activity on various work scenarios.
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Monday Morning Meeting - Ashish Deshpande talks about Integrity in our Professional & Personal lives

Integrity - The choice between What's convenient and What's Right
Ashish Deshpande on #mondaymorningmeeting through different stories reflected on the value of Integrity and how it effects our performance professionally and personally
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Monday Morning Meeting - Nikhil, Yugandhara & Priyanka shares their experience from Kyoorius Design Yatra

Mind the Gap !
Sharing and learning.
An inspirational and motivational experience sharing by Nikhil PhadkeYugandhara Dalvi & Priyanka Karyekar from their conference visit to #kyooriusdesignyatra about the speakers & their work towards bridging the 'Gap' in one's Design journey 
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Elephant Design appears in IMPACT magazine


“When we started out in 1989, Indian creative industry was limited to advertising agencies. No business house had experienced ‘design’ and ‘design thinking’ adding value to their bottomline...” From then to now... read it all here in the latest issue of IMPACT magazine..…/winning-by-design-6174.html 

When asked about listing our top clients, we chose top start-ups Paper Boat, Too Yumm!, Epigamia, Fingerlix, Licious

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Monday Morning Meeting - Manas shares Future Global trends that would impact world

Future Global Trends
Trends eventually have an impact on each of us; whether its our personal lives or professional with the brands and companies we work with. And they help us keep a check on a direction where the world is moving.
This monday morning meeting Manas Danait took us through some future global trends that would impact the world in the near future and those which would eventually see some relevance in India as well, in the years to come.
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Monday Morning Meeting - Manasi talked about Day Dreaming can be Effective & Helpful

Day dreaming !
Day dreaming is not always bad...infact it can help us be more creative and productive.
This monday morning by Maanasi Shankar was about how you can make day- dreaming more effective and helpful in our everyday activities 
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