New Woman - Elephant Trends Watch 2014

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Elephant is celebrating 25 years of being a pioneering strategic design consultancy of India. As leading multi-disciplinary experts on emerging markets, our teams based out of Pune, Delhi & Singapore get to work in variety of domains including FMCG, Healthcare, Banking, Energy, Automobile & Lifestyle products. No matter what the domain, our approach is always user-centric and always starts with design research. We observe, meet and farm life-stories with users and turn our understanding into insights that lead to innovative design solutions. Usually, rich insights lead to two significant sets. The first set gives an overview of shifting mindsets, transitions, beliefs and emerging aspirations. This typically can be called Trends-Watch. The other set comes out of analyzing the observed trends along with visualization of future. This is called Trends Forecast. 

We believe our insight-led work has reflected positively on the users. But we want to share the benefits of these insights with more users, marketers, brand owners as well as students of design & branding. So we decided to publish what we learnt in the last year and make it an open source by publishing Elephant Trends Watch 2014 online.  

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