30 Elephant years

Elephant Design is at #1 Again!!

Shared positive ambition, collective ability to challenge the status quo and genuine collaborative practices - as creative leaders, Team Elephant Design gets recognised for all this & more yet again!

Brand Equity #AgencyReckoner 2018-19 from The Economic Times, India's most credible business publication is out and Elephant Design is at #1 again.

#BestDesignAgency #TopDesignAgency #कोईशक?


Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Elephant

Ever grateful for every support, encouragement & nudge that got us here. Looking forward to next 30. 

Unbelievable as it sounded, a design consultancy called Elephant started by fresh graduates from non-business backgrounds way back in 1989 at Pune, India survived. Even thrived. Today Elephant is perhaps the oldest multidisciplinary design consultancy in India with clients across India, South_east Asia, Middle East, Africa, Japan & USA.

Cheers to the journey of 30 years !

Cheers to next 30 as well !

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