Team Elephant

Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Elephant

Ever grateful for every support, encouragement & nudge that got us here. Looking forward to next 30. 

Unbelievable as it sounded, a design consultancy called Elephant started by fresh graduates from non-business backgrounds way back in 1989 at Pune, India survived. Even thrived. Today Elephant is perhaps the oldest multidisciplinary design consultancy in India with clients across India, South_east Asia, Middle East, Africa, Japan & USA.

Cheers to the journey of 30 years !

Cheers to next 30 as well !

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Treetem Pole - Honouring a Memory

A journey revolving around a lost Silver Oak. A design team gets to build from what is lost to preserve what would define the future. At Elephant, the team believes in the values that will shape us just like the Silver Oak that shaped the environment. Treetem Pole at Elephant  celebrates the dead with these living values.

Monday Morning Meeting - Mayank shares the story behind Saint Nicholas & Tradition behind Gifting

It's Christmas Time !
We have been celebrating Christmas by being someone's Santa or their Snowflake.
Today Mayank Banta narrated the story behind Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) and how the tradition of gifting one another began, with an activity to illustrate Indigenous Santa Claus.
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Monday Morning Meeting - Swapnil Joshi talks about Challenge Yourself ! - Doing something out of your comfort zone

Challenge yourself !
An inspirational talk by Swapnil Subhash Joshi on breaking stereotypes and doing something out of comfort zone everyday.
You don’t know what you are capable of unitll you try. Challenge yourself, break through your bubble and try something new everyday
#breaksterotypes #challengeyourself #beinspired #elephantdesign

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Monday Morning Meeting - Pradyumna Pandit talks about importance of Rules & Guidelines in our life

Life without Rules !
Guidelines and set rules are essential for a successful and progressive work life.
This Monday morning Pradyumna Pandit reflected on how our Professional work would be affected, if there were no set rules or guidelines to follow, along with an activity on various work scenarios.
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