Partho Guha

Celebrating 30th Anniversary of Elephant

Ever grateful for every support, encouragement & nudge that got us here. Looking forward to next 30. 

Unbelievable as it sounded, a design consultancy called Elephant started by fresh graduates from non-business backgrounds way back in 1989 at Pune, India survived. Even thrived. Today Elephant is perhaps the oldest multidisciplinary design consultancy in India with clients across India, South_east Asia, Middle East, Africa, Japan & USA.

Cheers to the journey of 30 years !

Cheers to next 30 as well !

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Elephant Design topped The Economic Times Brand Equity Agency Rankings for 2017-18 again

Let's blow some trumpet! The Economic Times Brand Equity#AgencyRankings for 2017-18 are out! And we are super proud to announce that Elephant Design has topped it again! 
Someone said winning has become a habit. Well... following other habits is easier. But winning is something else. It takes passion, consistent great work every single time, genuine interest in solving challenges with empathy and intrinsic joy in working as a team to do this hat-trick. I bet the next mountain is just as hard, yet joyous.